07. 24, 2019

What Are The Factors Affecting The Quality Of FRP Cooling Towers?

The quality of FRP Cooling Tower has always been the focus of users. In the process of use, there are some small problems and small defects in quality, which may bring huge losses to users. Good product quality is the basis of enterprise development. Once the quality has a problem, it will fall into a situation of no return.

FRP Cooling Tower

FRP Cooling Tower

What are the factors affecting the quality of FRP cooling towers? Here Fiberglass Tower Manufacturers would like to share with you.

①Resin content: the resin content of the tower (excluding the coating layer and the resin-rich layer) is controlled at 45%-55%, the resin content of the resin-rich layer is above 70%; the injection molded portion is higher than 65%; the resin of the molded FRP fan blade. The content is controlled by 43%-50% flame retardancy. The FRP cooling tower is used for the flame retardant cooling tower, and the flame retardant resin is used in the tower, and the oxygen index is not less than 26.

②Degree of curing: the degree of curing of unsaturated polyester resin FRP is not less than 80%. The curing requirement of epoxy resin FRP is not less than 90%.

③FRP cooling tower fan blade: the surface of the metal fan blade is smooth, without cracks, cracks, burrs and other defects. The surface of the FRP fan blade is smooth, the cross section is uniform, the surface of the bubble does not exceed 3mm, and the number of bubbles per 100mm area is not more than. It should be noted that local enhancement.

④FRP molding process environment: room temperature is greater than 15c, relative humidity is less than 80%.

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