03. 25, 2020

Do you Know what the Outer Utility of FRP Pipes is?

The outer surface of Fiberglass Pipes is tightly closed, because once the outer surface is damaged, the inner layer will be affected by external conditions such as time and air. This will accelerate the degree of damage such as product corrosion and reduce service life. It seems crucial to ensure that it has both resistance to media corrosion and sufficient physical and mechanical functions. Glass fiber is selected for high tension, multi-layer, multi-angle, encapsulation head winding, to meet the storage, transfer and production needs of organic and inorganic solvents and chemical and electrochemical corrosive media, and to meet the transfer, transportation and elimination of non-electrolyte fluids The need for static electricity is sufficient to meet the mechanical needs of various types of support shear and burial and load.

Fiberglass Pipes

Fiberglass Pipes

Through the drawing of the planned layer thickness, coiling angle and wall thickness plan to debug the bearing capacity of the tank body, the habits of different pressure levels, volume and volume, as well as the requirements of some exceptionally functional FRP pipes, are isotropic metal materials that cannot be compared with them. of. Corrosion resistance, leakage resistance and weather resistance. FRP has exceptional corrosion resistance. When storing corrosive media, FRP predicts that other materials cannot be compared.

FRP pipes now facilitate our livelihood. The Fiberglass Desulphurization Pipe Manufacturer below explains the characteristics of FRP pipes:

First of all, FRP pipes can be used normally in a very mean background. Their characteristics are not affected, and they have super corrosion resistance and life ability. Under normal circumstances, the life expectancy is around several decades, which detracts from people's common repeated construction in the middle. At the same time, this type of pipeline is closed, which is similar to the traditional sewer, which reduces the manual cleaning of the office.

Second, security guarantees that it can be used in many backgrounds. The glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe is structurally synthesized by using special natural resin materials and non-metallic materials, so it has a very strong resistance to blows. At the same time, it is also able to resist rust, reducing the traditional rust removal office of the traditional steel pipe, reducing the burden for the plumber.

Third, slight resistance makes it applicable to almost all liquid transportation fields. Because the internal closure of the pipe is good, it has a better heat insulation capacity. Designable. According to the customer's needs, after a little design, after changing the style and performance of the pipeline, the pipeline can be designed to meet the various needs of the customer.

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