07. 17, 2020

How To Clean Up The Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Septic Tank After It Is Blocked?

When the Fiber Glass Septic Tank is blocked under the scorching sun, it is easy to produce odour, which will cause great influence and inconvenience to people's travel and life. For this problem, many people have a headache. What should I do if the glass fibre reinforced plastic septic tank is blocked? The Fiberglass Septic Tank Manufacturer  will introduce to you:

1. It is to dredge. This is the easiest way to dredge the blocked place in order to solve this problem.

2. It is flushing. When it comes to clogging, it must be flushed, and the clogged part should be washed away with water. And in the process of washing, pay attention to washing one by one.

3. Use the method of absorption. I learned from Fiberglass Tank Manufacturers that this method is used in many septic tanks at work. If the blocked part cannot be unblocked, the absorption method can solve this problem. After sucking out a part, the user performs a flushing with it, so that the problem of clogging of the septic tank can be solved.

FRP Septic Tank

FRP Septic Tank