03. 20, 2019

5 Characteristics Of Fiberglass Cooling Tower 2

Here is the Purification Equipment Fiberglass Tower manufacturer talking about 5 Characteristics Of Fiberglass Cooling Tower.

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Purification Equipment Fiberglass Tower

4. Efficient——The turbine shaft generates kinetic energy to directly drive the fan. It does not need to pass other reducers, and the air volume changes correspondingly with the change of water flow, so that the gas and water are relatively stable, so as to ensure the cooling effect.

5. Economy - low maintenance costs. The electric turbine is used to replace the electric motor and the reducer to avoid the maintenance and replacement cost of the electric motor, the reducer and the like in the conventional cooling tower.

6. Low noise - Elimination of the traditional cooling tower equipped with motor and reducer, greatly reducing the mechanical noise when the cooling tower is running.

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