07. 20, 2021

The 4 Benefits of FRP Pipe Insulation

Fiberglass Pipe Supplier shares with you the 4 major benefits of FRP pipe insulation, hope it will be helpful to you

1. Reduced energy use

Pipes that are not properly insulated will lack consistent pipe temperatures, which is not a good thing for any type of pipe in a thermal or cooling system. Pipe insulation will help control and maintain process temperatures throughout the system from start to finish. By controlling the temperature of the ducts, this will lead to more efficient operation and in turn less energy loss, resulting in lower utility bills.

Fiberglass Pipe

Fiberglass Pipe

2. Sound absorption

Depending on the use of the pipe, uninsulated pipes may make loud hammering sounds, including vibrating hums. Fiberglass Pipe insulation acts as a silencer by absorbing much of this reverberation and noise through the open cell structure of the fiberglass layer. The sound will enter the insulation and bounce around all the fibers, thus reducing the sound energy.

3. Condensation control

Whenever the surface temperature of a pipe falls below the dew point, condensation builds up in the pipe. By adding pipe insulation, the surface temperature of the insulation will increase, usually reducing the chance of condensation.

4. Worker Safety

Industrial piping can reach unsafe higher temperatures, putting employees at risk for burns. Fiberglass duct insulation will significantly reduce surface temperatures to safer levels. 

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