05. 29, 2020

Advantages Of Glass Reinforced Septic Tank

Today Fiberglass Septic Tank Supplier introduces the advantages of glass septic tank.

1. Quick installation and construction, extremely short construction period

Factory integrated production, one-time integral forming, one-time hoisting in place at the construction site, installation can be completed in half a day, greatly improving the construction efficiency, shortening the construction cycle, and improving economic and social benefits. Glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank is relatively convenient when installing glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank. There are not too many requests. It brings convenience to everyone in the process of installing glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tank, so there will not be too much trouble. Now, convenience is also a big demand for goods.

2. Small footprint

The product has a compact structure and a small footprint. The actual footprint is about 60% of the traditional septic tank, which saves land resources.

3. Patented design, high compressive strength

The appearance of the product is a cylindrical design. The two ends of the cylinder are designed and manufactured with mechanical concave and convex surfaces. The cylinder body is designed and manufactured with a circular dense corrugated curved surface structure. The compressive strength is high. The product can carry 40T above the construction. Trucks are passing.

4. The material is anti-corrosive and has a service life of more than 70 years

This product is made of high-strength glass fiber and unsaturated polyester resin. It has no corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, and is not easy to age and deform. The body structure of the product adopts a ring-shaped dense corrugated body structure, which has high compressive and impact strength, is durable, and has a service life of more than 70 years under normal use.

5. Low product cost, good quality and low price

The cost of this product is about 20% lower than that of reinforced concrete septic tanks, which is basically the same as that of brick septic tanks. The environmentally friendly septic tank is inexpensive and affordable for users from all walks of life. It is loved by real estate companies and construction contractors.

Fiberglass Septic Tank

Fiberglass Septic Tank

6. Patented technology, good water treatment effect

The Fiberglass Septic Tank has a partition inside. The water holes on the partition are shifted up and down to form a swirl, which avoids short circuits and extends the actual residence time of the sewage. At the same time, the partition divides the entire tank into multiple parts: including multiple Grade biochemical chamber, clarification chamber, etc. The interior of the biochemical chamber is equipped with high-efficiency biological fillers. A large number of microorganisms are attached to the fillers, which greatly increases the contact area and time of sewage and microorganisms, greatly improving the reaction efficiency and The solid and liquid organics in the septic tank are removed, so that the sludge is reduced and harmless, and the treated water reaches the third, second, first, or reclaimed water reuse standards set by the state.

7. Glass steel septic tank has good sealing performance

Glass reinforced septic tank device The most important thing to pay attention to is the tightness of the glass reinforced septic tank. If the tightness is good, there will not be too much environmental pollution, or the air will be turbid, so the request for tightness is very high, and this A little glass reinforced septic tank is quite good. Its tightness is a factor that everyone likes it. Because of the good tightness, it is much simpler to maintain the freshness of the air.

The above are the advantages of fiberglass septic tanks introduced by Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturer supplier. I hope to help everyone.

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